ACOTAR: Into the Winter Forest

Leading up to A Court of Silver Flames’ release day I had nothing but ACOTAR on the brain, so I took a LOT of photos as Nesta Archeron. At the time I was having an anxiety induced love-hate battle with Instagram so these photos never really made it on there, but now that it’s two-months post-publication, I feel like it’s a lil too past the mark to post them. Plus, I ended up just not liking the book anyways, so.

I like these photos too much to let them just collect dust in my Lightroom archives, so here’s a photo dump of my Book 1 Nesta cosplay (?).

I’ve always loved Nesta, and while I wanted better for her and wasn’t super satisfied with her arc in ACOSF, she’s still a character that I’ll hold near and dear to my heart.

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