My Top 5 Anticipated Reads of 2019

Here we are, the first blog post of 2019!
There’s so many things I wanted to discuss that I couldn’t decide what to write about, but with half of my 2019 TBR list releasing in January alone, I thought it’d be fun to pick out the books I’m most excited for this year. I think about half this list is being released this month*, so at least the wait for most of these should be short lived!
I’m so stoked about all of that these that I didn’t have it in me to rank them, so they’re listed in no particular order.
*I’m using the publication dates  found on Amazon so think they’re accurate, but mainly for readers in the US!

So here it goes, my top 5 anticipated reads for 2019:



Kingdom of Copper 

king of copper

by S. A. Chakraborty

January 22, 2019
Who’s actually shocked? This comes as no surprise, considering City of Brass was one of my favorite reads of 2018. I could talk you ear off about this series all day, but just know that the world building, writing, and characters in this series have been some of my favorite in years. The ending damn near killed me, so needless to say I want this to be here in my hands, like, yesterday.


99% Mine

99 percent

by Sally Thorne

January 29, 2019
The Hating Game was one of the first (and to this day, one of the only) adult romance novels I genuinely enjoyed. Lucy’s voice came across so vibrantly, Josh was totally swoon-worthy when he behaved, and I busted a rib or two laughing out loud. I can’t wait to see what else Sally Thorne has in store for us!


King of Scars

king of scars

by Leigh Bardugo

January 29, 2019
I, along with presumably the rest of the YA community, have been waiting with bated breath for this book. Leigh Bardugo consistently writes some of my favorite YA novels, and the fact that this one follows Nikolai freakin’ Lantsov practically doubles the buzz. He’s everyone’s precious son, and we’re dying to know what he’s about to go through in this upcoming series (LET HIM BE HAPPY, LEIGH). I’m getting so pumped up by the anticipation from literally everyone I know, because we’re all just as excited and ready.


Winter of the Witch

winter witch

by Katherine Arden

January 8, 2019
Katherine Arden is going to take my heart, soul, and wallet with this one, and I can’t even be mad about it. After the ending of Girl in the Tower, I’m in need of some answers. If you’ve read it, you’re in the same boat, I’m sure. If you haven’t, go ahead and read it, then thank your lucky stars your don’t have to wait much longer for the next installment.




by Susan Dennard

February 12, 2019
For those who have read the Witchlands, #baeduen. The end.
For those who haven’t: what are you waiting for? This series has been an absolute whirlwind! Incredible world building, characters, and conflict, this series stands apart from others due to the sheer life it has on the pages. Safi and Iseult are both capable and strong characters with an unbreakable friendship, and it so easy to fall in love with these characters. I am so, so excited to see what is coming up for my favorite ass-kicking ladies!


And that’s it! But like I said earlier, 2019 is gonna be a great year for releases. I had a hard time narrowing the list down. Because of that, I thought I’d add a couple of honorable mentions:


The Girl the Sea Gave Back

by Adrienne Young

September 3, 2019
Truth be told, at the time of publishing this post I don’t know exactly what this book is about, apart from the fact that it is a companion novel to Sky in the Deep. Considering that Sky in the Deep was one of my favorite books of 2018 and Adrienne Young is on top of my list of debut authors to watch, I’m going ahead and giving this a mention. I will undoubtedly be reading it the day it comes out, even if I still have no idea what it’s about.


Courting Darkness

courting darkness

 by Robin LaFevers

February 5, 2019
Bad ass sisterhood of female assassins out for blood and answers. That’s all you need to know.
But in all honesty, I actually didn’t know this was happening until I heard about it in November!  This has been one of my longest lasting favorite series (My high school tastes were not great. This is one of the rare, few exceptions.), and truthfully, a pretty unique series in the YA realm. It’s historical fantasy fiction with old gods and female assassins and political debacles galore! I felt content with how the previous 3 books had wrapped up so I wasn’t dying for another installment, but hey, I’ll always take more of this world.


That really is it! Of course there’s so many more fantastic books I’ve got my eye on for this year, but as of now these are on the top of my watch list.
I’m curious, what are the reads you’re looking forward to the most this year?

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Anticipated Reads of 2019

  1. I am currently reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard and really enjoying it though it was a bit difficult to get into the world. ❤ And, Aeduan (I hope I spelled it the right way…) is such a cinnamon roll. (Not really 😂) // As for anticipated releases; these are the ones I am looking forward to :

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