Long Time, No Update! (Sorry ’bout that)

Long time no update, friends!

It feels so, so good to be back to posting. After a month of inactivity on the blog and Instagram, I feel like I’m learning how to walk again. With everything that has been going on I had to put blogging on the back burner, which is harder to get back into now that I’ve been thrown off my groove.

So what exactly has been going on?

In a condensed recap, I left America at the very end of July to come to Japan on a year-long contract to teach English to preschool through middle school age students. It’s been a wild ride since arriving, and it hasn’t really slowed down yet. I love my new job, students, and coworkers, but my hectic schedule, along with the general disorientation of moving to a whole new country, really did a number on my blogging and reading updates. The first two weeks I was here I didn’t have internet set up at my home so I was updating when I could with the Wi-Fi at work, but wanted to be careful.  I didn’t want to come off as unprofessional, so I had to limit the amount of time I was playing around on my phone. Plus, the timing from when I was at work with internet was off from my usual publishing schedule, meaning that not many people of my usual audience would be seeing my posts. That wasn’t really reason enough alone for me to stop posting, but I really wanted to be respectful in the office and be mindful that I wasn’t on my phone too much.

Luckily, that’s not really a problem anymore now that I finally have internet, which has made this whole transition a whole lot better. It wasn’t until after my whole two-step verification debacle that I was able to finally sign in, so now that I’ve got everything worked out I’m really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I haven’t had much time to read because I’ve thrown all of my focus into getting oriented with the town and socializing with the other ALTs in my area, but now that I’m feeling more settled in I want to start doing my own thing and picking my hobbies back up.

Moving to a new country can be disorienting and acclimating to a new normal can be incredibly jarring, so it is important to me to hold onto pieces of my old routines. I’m hoping that picking my hobbies back up will bring some sense of normality. Over the past year, this little corner of the internet dedicated to reading has become my creative outlet and my ultimate happy place. It’s where I come to get inspired, to geek out, and to connect with my friends in the book community. Hopefully getting into the routine of blogging and reading will ultimately help with this transition into my life here in Japan; plus, I’m just super excited to share my experiences with you guys along the way!

I’ll be back on Friday to hit you with a book review, and in the meantime I’ll definitely be lurking around here and on Instagram so make sure to pop by and say hey!

See you Friday, fam~


2 thoughts on “Long Time, No Update! (Sorry ’bout that)

  1. Wow. I really admire you for moving to Japan. I study Japanese by myself and it’s… not that easy, especially because of school. I am looking forward to reading your next reviews. ~ mata ne

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